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Ok, listen, I’m not poor.  I’m poorer than a lot of people, sure, but in the big scheme of things, I don’t worry much about making my house payment or feeding my family or even having the occasional meal out.  Compared to most human beings living on this planet, that makes me wealthy and I know it.

But in spite of that relative wealth, I think I understand enough about people who live in poverty to be utterly, totally and mind-numbingly stunned by this piece of garbage that the Wall Street Journal (a traditionally right-wing leaning publication) posted recently.  Before you look at it, understand:  the point was to show how the new tax plan was going to hurt everyone so badly.  Here’s what I want you do to:  first, look at how sad and disconsolate everyone is in this picture and second, take a look at the figures next to each sad little family unit:


(Wall Street Journal)

When I first saw this thing, I thought it had to be a joke.  Had to be.  What kind of idiotic, out-of-touch moron could really think that a single mom with two kids is making $260,000 a year?  Can anyone name one solitary single non-celebrity mom in America that is making that kind of money?  And check out that poor “married couple, four children” family with an income of $650,000.  No wonder they look so sad.  How could they not be?  Their after-tax income is only $453,000…more than twice the value of everything I have accumulated over the last 20 years (which is far, far too much, by the way).

And speaking of sad…what’s the deal with that poor retired couple?  They arguably  have the saddest looks of all, probably because the new tax plan means that they’ll pay an extra…um, nothing?  Did I read that right?  Doesn’t it say “increase: none”?  So why are they so sad?  I guess it’s because the current tax rates are so bad that they are only bringing in $157,000 a year, a paltry seven times the official poverty threshold of $22,000.

I cannot fathom anyone being so out-of-touch with the real world of the average U.S. citizen that they think single mothers make a quarter of a million dollars and families making more than half a million dollars are going to be so devastated by new tax plans that they must look at the future with tear-filled, fearful eyes. (yes, I know that there are no actual tears being shed in this graphic, but you know that’s what the illustrator wanted to do…its just that tears are really hard to reproduce at this scale)

I’m not a liberal (at least not in the contemporary sense) or a Democrat.  On the spectrum of politics, I definately lean pretty far to the right.  I don’t like Obama’s policies and I think the left-wingers will run this nation into the ground if allowed to.

But come on, if this garbage from the Wall Street Journal gives us any insight into how the right-wing sees the world, then stop the party train because I want to get off.

Am I missing something here?