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Growing up in the church, I heard a lot about “slippery slopes”.  But you know what I never heard anyone say?  What every mountaineer knows:  sometimes you have to tie on the crampons, rope up and traverse a slippery slope to get to solid ground.

The church’s ability to regain its voice in the marketplace of 21st century culture requires that we be willing to traverse the slippery slopes represented by such things as the role of science or sexuality or the nature of truth, authority and meaningful discourse.  I am not suggesting for a moment that we give in to gravity and abandon ourselves to a downward slide into relativism.  Nothing could be less faithful to Christ or more enervating to His people in the long run.  I am only suggesting that the solid ground from which we can extend a helping hand may only be accessible after a very frank examination of what we have been doing and whether or not it actually represents the One in Whose name we claim to speak.



Posted: May 18, 2013 in Faith, Future, God, Truth
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Faith does not say “I will be safe”. Faith says “He is safe.”


The greatest irony of knowing God is that He who so often speaks in a still small voice is in fact a raging hurricane.  We cannot experience the fullness of God in our lives until our lives have been made strong enough to bear the weight of His presence.   And we cannot hope to be forged into strong enough stuff until we have cast ourselves into the Fire.